For all of your one-to-one communication


For all of your one-to-one communication

Be sure that you’re sending relevant information to every recipient.


How’s your timing?

The right timing is essential to making your communication relevant. Carma Automation allows you to message the right person, with the right information, in the right channel, at the right time … every minute, every day, and based on any action you like.

It all happens automatically, after setting the rules and creating the content. You get easy, hands-free optimization of your marketing automation plan.

Is email always the best channel?

Email is still the communications channel with the best ROI.

But does that mean that email is the best channel for all your automated one-to-one communication? Probably not.

Why not take the opportunity to improve the relevance of your message? Relevance isn’t only about the right message at the right time to the right person, it’s also about choosing the right channel.

Be certain that your communication is secure

Digital marketing is easy and distribution is cheap. It’s also fast. But sometimes ease and low cost can cause a lack of attention to detail. And that can be expensive. It’s easy to make a mistake, but mistakes can easily be prevented.

Be sure that your brand and marketing avoid spelling errors and incorrect content, and that you follow your recipient’s personal preferences. Use the send approval function in Carma Marketing Hub to gain control over your enterprise email marketing.