Marketing data from multiple sources

Data & Relevance Manager

Marketing data from multiple sources

Work smart. We have all the tools you need to make sure the right person gets the right message at the right time, no matter how complex and vast your customer data is.

Create the foundations for relevant data-driven messages

Easily manage your data and create segments. Target your communications to individuals, segments or entire lists.

Create the foundation needed for your clients and recipients to take part in your retention feeds, promotions, dynamic messages, newsletters, retargeting teasers, transaction notices and others.  Fully personalized, behavior-driven messages and data-driven marketing.

All the data and dynamic content you import into your Carma Marketing Hub are handled in the Carma Data & Relevance Manager. This is where the data is converted into the creative building blocks for automated and relevant one-to-one communications.

Features in Data & Relevance Manager

  • Contact database with profile manager
  • Personalization tool
  • Personalized dynamic content importer
  • Web-interaction (personalized content)
  • Preferred content
  • Campaign based retargeting
  • Segmentation engine
  • Automation manager
  • Trigger creator
  • Purchase history database
  • Scheduled messaging

Getting started is easy

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