Keep track of what your audience and recipients are doing

Carma Insight

Keep track of what your audience and recipients are doing

How many people are interacting with your digital marketing? How, and on what device are they reading your messages? Which links, content and segments are performing the best?

Learn about your customer's behavior

Real-time tracking and reporting for comprehensive and detailed analysis of recipient activities, and efficiency and deliverability by campaign, channel, database, or contact profile. Get detailed and exportable reports of your digital marketing efforts.

Carma Insight gives you a clear overview of how your digital communications are doing, in clear and accessible reports that provide both overall statistics and insight and a deeper understanding of your clients and how well you meet their expectations.

Carma Insight features

  • Real-time tracking reports
  • Opening and click reports
  • Deliverability reports
  • Preferred content reports
  • Device and client reports
  • Profile statistics
  • Database statistics
  • Export reports

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