Import, export, connect and analyze

Carma Hub Store

Import, export, connect and analyze

Relevant communication requires access to the right data. That’s why integrations should be simple to both set up, modify, use and expand.

Smart integrations

Expand Your Carma Marketing Hub. Import and use data from other systems or easily export data from Carma Marketing Hub. With Carma Hub Store, select the integrations you want to use to convert your customer data to the creative building blocks of your communication. Then you can really create relevant and automated one-to-one communication.

Maybe not the big bang. But the best use of big data

Choose from among integrations with leading analytics, CRM, e-commerce platforms, recommendation engines, retargeting systems, and a variety of other external systems and tools. In that way, you both streamline your work and optimize your results.


Hub Ad-ons

Predefined integrations

Switched on by pressing a button
Predefined framework for data transfer
Adform Action base
Adobe SiteCatalyst Apptus
Google Analytics E37
Magento EPi Server
Panagora Harmony
Webtrends Hybris
Xiti iMarketer
Zapier integrations Matrix
List subscribe Microsoft Dynamics CRM
List unsubscribe Nosto
Send transactional Nova
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