Cookie Policy

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What is cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website asks to create and store on a visitor’s device (computer, smartphone, tablet etc.) and that contains a certain amount of information and a time stamp. The browser stores the information on a specific place on your device and sends the information from the cookie back to the website each time the website asks for it.

What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies on our website to easier create a tailored user experience of our website and services for you regarding to your interests and preferences. We also use cookies to anonymously collect statistics which helps us better understand how our website is used and how it can be improved.

Which type of cookies do we use?

Different types of cookies

As of today, we use two different types of cookies on our website. These are permanent cookies and session cookies. Permanent cookies creates and stores a text file on the visitor’s device (computer, smartphone, tablet etc.) and is used to customize the website according to the visitor’s requests and preferences, and it is also used for statistical monitoring. Session cookies are stored only temporarily in the memory of the visitor’s device and disappears when you close the browser on your device.

Specific cookies that we use

We use three different cookies as of today. These are (1) Google Analytics, which are used to give insights of how the traffic to our website looks like and how our marketing efforts can be adjusted based on this information, (2) Gravatar which is a picture that follows a visitor from page to page on a website together with the visitors name, when a visitor e.g. writes a comment or similar, (3) Pingdom which analyses how real visitors experience a website regarding factors such as functionality, browser, platform and country, and makes it possible to enhance the visitor’s experience of a website.