Carma Friends

Together, we help our customers to get the best possible conditions for relevant digital customer communications.

Welcome to Carma Friends!

Carma Friends

Our customers are not only good at creating successful digital 1:1 communication, they also have high demands. Both on us as suppliers and on their own performance. Our goal is to make them succeed in whatever they need to reach their goals. Therefore, we work closely with other companies and suppliers that also has customer needs at the center. Together, we help our customers to get the best possible conditions for the relevant digital customer communication. Welcome to Carma Friends!

This is our Carma Friends

We have Carma Friends in a variety of areas, ranging from strategy agencies to technology platforms. Common to them is that they can bring real value to our Carma users, whether it’s about tools for data collection, e-commerce platforms, CRM systems or strategies for customer retention and communication.

Agency & Strategy

Actionbase Malkovitch Vaimo Impera Avensia

Integration & Functionality

Parajett Zapier Apptus Magento
Nosto Rich Relevance Panagora Triggerbee
Star Republic Carismar Litium Vendre
Raptor E37

The Carma Friends philosophy

It should be easy for our customers to do good stuff. Compost’s mission is to provide the best possible condition for our users to create relevant digital 1:1 communications. With the ability to use data from multiple sources and access to knowledgeable experts in various fields, we simplify our customers’ daily lives. We have the most advanced platform and expertise knowledge in the digital direct channels. What’s your expertise area? Together we can help our customers grow.

Should we be Carma Friends?

We are curious to know what we can accomplish together. Contact our Partner Manager Mikael Wasiljeff to find out more about our partner program and Carma Friends, or fill in the form below.

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