Carma Marketing Club

Grow your skills with the Carma Community

With Carma Marketing Club our clients and customers share their experiences to improve their digital marketing skills as well as their Carma skills.

Grow your skills with the Carma Community

Carma Marketing Club is where we meet. It’s a club for geeks only. The purpose is learning, exchanging experiences, developing skills and sharing our best Carma hacks. The club comes in different shapes – events, communities, learning groups and Carma Master Class. The focus is always on knowledge. Well … sometimes it’s just for fun, but is there any difference?

Carma user community on LinkedIn

Welcome to the Carma user community. In order to join the Carma Marketing Club on LinkedIn, you need to be a Carma user. Make your request here or contact us if you are interested in joining and we will send you an invitation.

Expert learning groups

Several times a year, we hold events in the form of expert learning groups for our Carma users where we meet up in person and discuss certain topics. The groups tend to be small since we want all participants to have the time to share their knowledge and help each other improve their Carma skills. Contact us for more information when and where the next expert learning group is taking place.

Carma Master Class

Take the Carma Master Class and get certified in digital one-to-one communication. The class is based on strategic tasks rather than training in Carma Marketing Hub. The Master Class includes participation in four expert learning groups:

  • Carma Deliverability Club
  • Carma Automation Club
  • Carma Conversion Club
  • Carma Optimization Club

Carma Master Class is only available in Stockholm, Sweden at the moment. The next class starts in autumn 2016.

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