For sustainable customer relations and growth

Why choose Carma?

For sustainable customer relations and growth

Leverage your digital one-to-one marketing. Get ready to make advanced data-driven flows easily and create personalized, behavior-targeted and automated communications.

The benefits

Carma Marketing Hub reinvent the way you develop and create digital 1:1 communications. Here’s some of the reasons.

Carma makes your work great, with less effort.

  • An integrated platform for all digital direct communications
  • By marketers, for marketers
  • One system developed in cooperation with our core clients
  • Knowledge — We have the right experts that will guide you through each phase
  • Growth — The company behind Carma Marketing Hub has grown organically and on its own merits both nationally and globally
  • Philosophy — Even though conversions are important, building a long-term relationship with the customer comes first. When you put a priority on effective communications and personalize the customer journey with relevant data, sales will follow.
  • We will guide you — Whether you want to send segmented newsletters or use automation in more channels, we will guide you to the next step in your communication development
  • Our clients — Strong and well-known brands choose Carma Marketing Hub